The Guardian newspaper recently said that the notion that people can just start up a business in the modern economy and be successful is a myth. Sure, it might be something that the odd freak does, but it’s not an option for the masses. According to the newspaper, we’re all stuck in wage-slavery, going to work for the man every day because of entrenched power structures.


But is that really true? On purely statistical grounds, it’s not. But it’s also not true on a personal level for many entrepreneurs who had humble beginnings. Contrary to what some newspapers would like you to believe, the American dream is alive and well.


Howard Schultz – Starbucks


One of the most interesting stories is that of Howard Schultz. He began life in social housing because his parents had practically no money. He grew up feeling that everybody else had “stuff” and that he had to put up with very little. It wasn’t fair, in his view, and so he took action. He knew that he didn’t want to be stuck in poverty forever. He saw the wealthy city-types getting into their luxury cars, and he wanted a piece of that himself.


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The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event in American sports. Athletes dream of one day competing in and winning the Super Bowl, cities rejoice at the opportunity to host the Super Bowl and companies spend big money to be promoted during the Super Bowl. Besides being an exhibition of the 2 best teams in the National Football League, it is a huge money generator. The Super Bowl is an event were the best of the best want to participate within and around it and have the opportunity to be associated with the brand. Besides money though the Super Bowl is about football right? So, what does it take for a person/ team to become of Super Bowl caliber? Read More Are You Super Bowl Caliber?

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step back
Entrepreneurship is the new cool thing to be attached to. It seems like almost everyone is intrigued with being an entrepreneur, which means being their own boss and directing their own lives. Realistically speaking though, is entrepreneurship for everyone? The obvious answer is no but due to the heightened focus being placed on the career path more people are being attracted to it than usual. Ask any battle tested entrepreneur about entrepreneurship and they will let you know that continuously working very hard is mandatory to succeed. Let’s be clear though, you can work hard day and night nonstop and never become a successful entrepreneur. When this happens do you keep fighting or is it time to say goodbye and move on? Read More Taking the Step Back

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