If you employ a team of people, it makes sense to encourage them to work together to achieve goals faster. In modern day business, there’s a lot of attention placed on collaborative working and cooperation in the workplace. If you’re keen to optimize your team’s performance, you’ll soon learn that communication is key. Here are some tips to encourage effective teamwork and get your employees talking.


Face to face communication

If you employ a group of people who all work in the same place, it should be relatively straightforward to get everyone together and encourage face to face communication. You may find that some people are more introverted than others, so make an effort to involve everyone, and encourage those who may be slightly more reluctant to get involved. Create an environment, which facilitates discussion, and give everyone the chance to share their ideas or give opinions. Often, with people who are shy, it’s a matter of giving them the opportunity to speak, and gently coaxing them out of their shell until they feel more comfortable and confident. If you want to actively encourage group work, set up your office accordingly. Create areas where you can host meetings that all your employees can attend and rooms where people can interact and bounce ideas off each other without disturbing or distracting those working on other projects.


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