As the year 2013 ends and the year 2014 enters, it is the time of year people usually reflect on their year as a whole. We embrace our positive accomplishments and ponder about our negative setbacks; planning about how we will become more successful during the upcoming year. During this reflection process can we truthfully say that we are being brutally honest with ourselves? More than likely we are not. Year after year we make huge promises and year after year we come up short, either by a few inches or by a long shot… Read More Your Year in Reflection



The year of 2012 seemed to be a year that had a lot of great promise but sharply fell flat in delivering any generous returns on such promises. Our so-called leaders have increased their bickering and unwillingness to compromise, it seems the citizens of this country have gone mad and our push towards stability and progressive growth has stalled. Going into 2013 looks like the bad we were in is only going to get worst. That in itself is a very scary thought to ponder. Read More An Examination of 2012

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