CNN Money recently had an article posted on its website called “The low-wage jobs explosion.” The article basically explained how the resurgence in the job market has largely been fueled by low-wage jobs. These are the type of jobs that can barely, if at all cover the basic necessities for one to live comfortably. Matter of fact let’s take out the word comfortably and just say to maintain a reasonable standard of living. This means a continual erosion of the middle class is occurring in our American society. As the middle class is progressively shifted downwards, government assistance is elevated in order for people to acquire the basic goods and services no longer afforded to them. And this is just low-wage jobs we are talking about so take into account the impact that unemployment is having on our overall economy. Read More Unemployment, Low-Wages & Entrepreneurship

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As many of you may know, we will be voting in November to elect a new president or voting to have our current one stick around for four more years. Now I do not want to make this a political post but have pointed out this fact because two issues will be of critical importance during their campaigning process: the economy and job creation. These are two issues that everyone wants answered but contrarily produces answers that everyone does not agree with. Ideas and opinions tend to cause those type of reactions though because everyone does not have the same experiences or views as to how the world should operate. This is where we come to those people who hold certain ideas and viewpoints and see to it that they are put into motion in order to provide a solution. These people can be your political leaders, your corporate leaders, your community leaders or those we call entrepreneurs. For this post we will focus on those called entrepreneurs. Read More Can Entrepreneurs Create Enough Jobs?

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Today’s economy sucks for most people who live within it. The economy was in a downward spiral beginning in 2008 and now has stagnated without seeing any significant growth or improvement. For most people this economic climate presents a challenging situation that inhibits their ability to live the “American Dream” on America’s own soil. Once the downturn hit it spread from person to person, business to business and state to state creating a paralyzing environment that restricts positive opportunities from being realized by most. The problem that is then produced is lost confidence and with lost confidence comes collective reasoning on why not to try hard and just give up during these tough times. Read More Allergic to This Economic Climate

Entrepreneurship Innovation Self-Improvement Small Business

College was and to some extent still seen as the best option one has as far as producing a successful future. Many of us can recall that from the time we were young, going to college was seen as the only option to partake in after graduating high school. From parents to teachers we were constantly told how great college is and how it leads to a bright, vibrant future. Pretty much all of us ate this vision up hungrily and could not wait for our chance to become a part of this stepping stone into a great life. Recently though it seems many of us have awaken from the dream, stepped into reality and have been forced to think out loud “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.” Read More The College Issue