There comes a point when running a business where you will need to play the host. It might be to invite investors to see what your enterprise looks like, or potentially a lucrative client that could make or break the future of your company. Either way, you’re going to have judgemental eyes cast over your premises and office – and are you sure they are going to like what they see?


If you don’t usually run a customer-facing business, then the idea of your space being judged can be a difficult one to contemplate. Usually, your office premises are only seen by you and your employees and – to an extent – no one is particularly concerned with what they look like. The same cannot be said for those you want to impress; their judgement matters, and you need to get it right to ensure that the very best impressions are made. Perhaps it shouldn’t matter and how good your business is should be the star of the show, but that’s somewhat idealistic: appearances do matter, and you want yours to be a ringing endorsement of success.


That means you might have a job on your hands to bring your premises up to scratch. To do so, you need to be careful of three main areas.

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