arrested development
Arrested development… What does it mean? Arrested development means your thoughts, actions and perception of yourself is held under constraint by outside influences. What are these outside influences? These influences are your family, friends, workplace, community; those people or experiences which are a part of your daily interactions. These different interactions have a significant impact on your development within the world and on how you function within it on a daily basis. Read More Arrested Development

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hungry for success
I wrote about this topic previously but I felt compelled to revisit it (Are You Hungry). If you asked someone are they hungry for success of course they will say yes. And why not? The common image of success is lots of money, a big house and nice cars. Who wouldn’t want to identify themselves with such an illustrious and vivid image? Almost everyone wants this type of lifestyle and the perception it holds, but most are not willing to work for it! Read More The Hunger for Success (Real Starvation)

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