As entrepreneurs, we like to think of ourselves as lone wolves separated from the pack. With this sort of mentality, we tend to venture off on our own and shy away from sharing ourselves with a large group of people. The problem with this thinking and behavior, is that we alienate ourselves from opportunities only afforded to those who are known and active amongst the many. Read More Are You Plugged Into Your Entrepreneur Community?

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Last Friday night I went out to the networking event, SharkTank Nights, hosted by Opportunity Hub also known as OHub. OHub is a growing power in the Atlanta entrepreneurial ecosystem (which I will cover in more detail in a future post). I had been meaning to attend previous SharkTank Nights but you know sometimes we tend to talk ourselves out of getting out to network. I plan to become a power player in the Atlanta entrepreneur scene though, so I knew I couldn’t keep missing such events. Read More My Experience at OHub’s SharkTank Night

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