There are plenty of great business ideas out there. But if you have a passion for food, chances are the entrepreneur in you will move toward opening a restaurant. This kind of business is quite tricky to set up and can require a huge outlay. If you’ve got the stamina and the resources to set up and launch a restaurant, you may find that your battle to survive has only just begun.


There are many reasons restaurants come and go. So what are the secrets of those that survive? How can you guarantee longevity for your restaurant? And what can you do to avoid the mistakes of newbies in this industry?


Poorly Executed Setup

One of the biggest errors a new restaurant manager can make is to fail to put in the time and research necessary for the correct setup. Your choice of equipment and layout should be relevant to the type of venue and the menu options you’re offering. These decisions should be based on research. By the time you start to set up your kitchen, you should already know a lot of about the kind of customer you want to attract.

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