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If you’re stagnating in a boring and repetitive day job and only really come alive when tinkering on a project around the house, then perhaps setting yourself up as a self employed plumber could be your gateway to entrepreneurship. Many people think of startups as risky endeavors that require enormous overheads but training to be a plumber is surprisingly low risk. Sure, it requires training but many learn as apprentices, gaining skills incrementally while getting paid. So, no need for expensive tuition fees!


You will have some initial outlay for tools and vehicle leasing, for which we recommend Leasewell, but these costs pale in comparison to the spiraling costs of student loans or the many and varied overheads that go with the kinds of startups that require leasing a premises like opening a shop, cafe or restaurant.


Low risk and relatively low overheads are only some of the advantages of a career in plumbing but there are many more:

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