Health and safety, two words that have been communicated to the Nth degree in every workplace. Although it has been a topic of conversation on every business’ lips at some point or another, the real reason it is in place is for the safety of your staff. But making sure that your staff is clued up in the right practices is not just a process that everyone has to do as part of their induction; it is something to help give your workers some resilience. The importance of giving your staff this skill with pay off in leaps and bounds, and here’s why.

Worker productivity is one of those common issues every business needs to figure out how to tackle. Once the bar has been set it means that people will step up their own working practices. The important thing to think about when learning how to make your staff work harder is to help them to help themselves. You cannot constantly hold their hand through every little project, so you need to find ways for self-sufficiency. Once you teach staff the importance of their own individual efforts in the business, it means that everyone works better and with a sense of purpose.

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