Taking on Goliath

Entrepreneurship is about embracing the challenges of independency within such a dependent oriented society. As our nation grew, the independent aspect of thinking seemed to decline in favor of dependency on big corporations and the government. Now as these two huge structures of economic development and job creation lose their power due to power management and overzealous expansion; people are experiencing overwhelming difficulty in both their professional and personal lives. As aging concepts are on the brink of collapse and once huge powers are experiencing unavoidable upheaval; new challengers must step up to the opposition in order to cushion the impact of their impending demise. Although these institutions are at the end of their ropes it does not mean they will go out without a fight. In order for a shift of power to take place, there must be a concentrated effort by entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent professionals to recreate the economic framework and fuel the productivity engine.

Usually when an entrepreneur becomes a small business, they lose their desire to take on big businesses and corporations. This is usually because they become so entrenched in keeping up with their own business that they lose the desire to take on difficult challenges. This is either due to a lack of confidence and will power or because of the feeling of being content. The problem with entrepreneurs becoming complacent in their pursuits is they do not pose a threat to the system in place. If the system in place is out-of-order but is still left to operate it creates prolonged inefficiencies that cripple the structure of society. Take a look at the difficult circumstances facing many people in America. A nation that was once fueled by entrepreneurial ambitions has now succumbed to dependency on big institutions and government intervention for growth and support.

In order to reverse this predicament entrepreneurs have to relinquish their constraints’ and truly become creators of opportunity. Taking on the big guys requires mental and physical endurance, along with the ability to adapt and innovate quickly. Being an entrepreneur allows for closer interaction and accessibility to the problems within the system; which elevates the ability to create effective solutions. While a few entrepreneurs possess this mindset and operate based on this concept the majority choose not to do so. This is a partial problem to our nation’s current issues; the lack of ambition to be great and create one’s own opportunities. If this persists then there will be steep consequences to face; more painful than what we are experiencing currently.

You can hear many people voicing their opinions on what needs to be done and how it should be done but words mean nothing without actions. Since entrepreneurs and small business owners are credited with being job creators and economic engines, they must live up to this title. There are now questions as to if small businesses truly deserve the credit they are given. If small business owners stay in the entrepreneurial mindset, then conquering the goliaths within the system will become a conquest to fulfill a deep hunger for greatness (another topic to be discussed). The playing field is currently wide open and the big players are weakened and exposed to endure defeat. It remains to be seen who is willing to step up to the task to create the needed change though.

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