The Art of Hustling as An Entrepreneur

Hustling is such a dirty, deceitful word to some people. People equate hustling with cunning schemes and calculated measures to swindle people out of their money. For a small percentage of “hustlers” that may be true but the hustling which I speak of is solely based on hard work towards positive production. Some call it grinding, some call it no sleep; whatever the term it all relates to the same thing: Getting shit done!

What happens though is a great deal of people confuse meaningless, busy work with hustling. Doing stuff that makes you appear busy but reaps no significant return is a complete waste of time. Why allocate precious time on those things which have no financial reward, elevation of positioning nor oriented towards your set goals? That’s stupid right? But people continuously do so day after day expecting different results.

Entrepreneurship and time-wasting do not mix especially when pursuing the art of hustling. When I speak about the art of hustling I am describing the ability to transfer raw, aggressive energy into consistent productivity at a high level. This is not about trying to appear busy and important but rather progressively completing your objectives with precise calculation.

But let’s move beyond the meaning and description of my perception of hustling and focus on the formula of doing so.

I. Create Real Challenges. The first thing to do is to propose real challenges that push you hard. The reason for this is that if you are serious about succeeding, you will be determined to excel no matter what obstacles present themselves. Challenges that actually push you hard force you to think outside the box and step outside of your comfort zone. This means you open your mind to new thinking and begin to deeply hypothesize on how to move from inception to completion.

II. Study Your Environment. Every hustler should know how to maneuver and navigate efficiently within their targeted environment. The only way that occurs is by knowing exactly what you are walking to and working within and against. For example you wouldn’t venture into Wall Street without knowing the lingo, operations and performance level which is expected of a highly capable participant. Likewise, efficient hustling requires you to analyze and determine where your strong points will be and where weaknesses may occur. This is very important because what may have once been unexpected is now foreseeable…

III. Prepare & React.
Finishing off from the last sentence, preparing for what to expect increases the percentage rate of your success. It’s like a test, you study the material related to the subject in order to be prepared for all the different questions and problems. Hustling as an entrepreneur, you will be go through a lot of different curves and loops but your preparation determines your reaction. Being able to react fast with intelligence and craftiness helps you to continually move forward instead of getting sidetracked and stalled. Entrepreneurship and hustling are intertwined, meaning everything doesn’t always go smoothly but how you pivot and readjust equates to how long you lasts in this complex world called entrepreneurship.

IV. Interpret & Learn. Hustling is worthless if you do not decipher your actions and interactions in order to learn from them. This makes it so that you learn from previous mistakes and determine how to deal with certain occurrences that are similar to past situations. Nothing is worst than being placed in the same situations over and over again only to produce the same results in a revolving cycle. Successful entrepreneurs/ hustlers know that the more you know, the less fumbles occur which correlates to the likelihood of a successful venture. Learn people, study behaviors and understand mindsets. Know how to analyze what is at hand , thus allowing for you to determine your advantage and approach without considerable hesitation

Do not confuse hustling with a lot of running around doing absolutely nothing productive. Time is a precious resource and energy and effort should only be directed towards those things which have a positive return on investment. Hustle hard but also hustle wisely and strategically.

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