The Brand of Your Business and You

Are you one of those people who think your business and you are separate? You think you can just do whatever you want and still represent your business in a professional manner because you believe these are two separate lives. Hate to break it to you but once you become an entrepreneur, you and your business are one. This means that what you say and do will reflect upon your business, even in your personal life. Entrepreneurship is like a marriage; almost everything you do will be with a reminder of your business in mind. If you do anything to betray the image of your business, it will lead to you failing at keeping that business in existence.

What does this mean? It means you are a constant reflection of your business. You are a full-time mascot that never strays away from the infrastructure you represent. You are the extended brand of the business. You are the walking embodiment of your business that people can personally relate to. You being the tangible brand is a very critical component to your business. The whole prospect of success and failure rest squarely with you. You have to be more than an average person. You have to become a manifestation of the words you constantly put into the atmosphere.

Brand recognition is very important in establishing a successful business. When you as the physical person become a brand though, things are heightened to a whole other level. Your accountability and authenticity have to be at a very high level that never wavers from what you stand by. A lot of people like to fake this criteria though and that disingenuous act soon becomes detected by others.

If your brand is about a successful lifestyle, then you better be living as such or in the process of walking in said lifestyle. If your brand is about discipline, then you better not be someone who allows temptation to control your life. The business’s brand and your personal behavior as the brand representative have to remain consistent. From the office to the public arena, you are being watched constantly and graded on what you say and do. Quite honestly, people are waiting for you to slip up and stray away from the image you constructed as your status quo.

When you step into the world of entrepreneurship, be prepared to give up a normal life with normal behavior. As an entrepreneur, you are a permanent representative of your business. This means you are always on display to be critiqued by the public forum. The brand of your business should be the brand of you, which means it can never come into question as false.

Entrepreneurship is not a job where you clock in and clock out. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that you must truly live within. Your brand must be what you live by.

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