The Coming Divide


The world we live in today is very fragmented and divided. We are divided in our ideology, in our educational attainment, in our societies but probably most importantly in our wealth. Money, wealth, finances and social class are very discussed words in the world topics of today. These words point to the growing issue we all nearly face, not only as a nation but on a global scale. To say it plain and simple, “the rich continue to get richer while the poor get poorer.”

When a statement such as this is made and reinforced through actual evidence, it points to the fact that the middle class is becoming non-existent. That means instead of having a diverse society, we have a polarizing society that consist of two extremely different sides of the economic totem pole. This extreme shift is already taking place before our very eyes and is doing so at a very accelerated pace. For instance corporate profit are at a record high but worker’s wages and income have dropped in response.  That just seems unreasonable to most people but corporate executives will argue that unknown times call for sustainable measures to be taken on behalf of business health and survival. In actuality that means the power holders and deep pockets are taken care of while the common worker must contend with financial setbacks. This dynamic creates turmoil between these two different groups in society who each feel they are both entitled to receive their given expectations. As tensions boil and the divide becomes more apparent the focus then turns to how to produce a mutually satisfying arrangement that appeases both groups. The question that remains though is can such an arrangement be proposed and successfully implemented?

Before I provide my own answer to this ongoing predicament, I would like to hear what others  have to say about the situation at hand. My next post will be a full analysis of the divide and how it will shape the future on an economic and social scale.

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