Is It Time To Build Your Own Office?

The perfect office space is an important factor in any business. It needs to be functional, comfortable and attractive to clients. If you search long and hard, you should be able to find something that works, but it will never be perfect. If you want it to be exactly as you want it, the best way to do it is to build it yourself. Building a business premises of your own is a big undertaking, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are considering constructing your own business location, here are a few ways you can decide if you are ready.

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Are There Alternatives


Renting or buying an existing office space may work better in some situations. If you are in the early stages of your businesses, you definitely shouldn’t be considering building your own space. In fact, you should only really be looking at building for yourself in the late stages, once you have achieved everything else that you want to.


Rules And Regulations


You can’t just grab a plot and start building on it. There are so many different rules and regulations that you need to contend with nowadays. If you aren’t thorough during the planning stages, then you could find yourself in trouble halfway through the build. Worst case scenario, you will not be able to finish construction. Before you do anything, make sure that you get legal advice. It is a bit of an investment but it could save you a lot of money in the long term.

Look To The Future

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Before you decide to make the commitment to build your own offices, you need to consider the future of the company. How long have you been operating for? Are you planning to expand in the future? There is no point in spending huge amounts of time and money on building an office, only to find that you’ve outgrown it in a few years. It is probably best to wait until your company is as large as it is likely to get before you create a permanent office space. There is always the option of creating multiple office spaces in the future but this brings its own issues along with it.




You won’t be building anything if you can’t afford to pay for it. Hopefully, your company is in a position to take a lot of the financial strain itself, but you’ll need extra funding from somewhere. The current economic climate should have a big effect on your decision. If interest rates are high, then taking out a large loan like this will be incredibly expensive. It’s best to wait until interest rates have dropped so you won’t be forking out as much in the long run. Make sure you shop around, getting quotes from places like Armstrong buildings, to get it done for the best price.


Buying The Land


When buying land, you obviously need to consider the location first. Make sure it is accessible to all of your employees, you don’t want to lose good people during the move. It is probably much easier to buy land that already has a building on it. You can tear it down and replace it with your amazing new building. There will be fewer regulations to deal with, as there has already been a building there previously, and there will be fewer taxes to pay on the new building.

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