It’s Time for Some Business Spring Cleaning



A lot of business owners make the mistake of never giving their company a spring clean. You may be thinking of actual cleaning, but I’m not only talking about that. I’m also talking about giving your business a quick refresh to see in the new financial year.


A spring clean of your business may be the thing you need to rejuvenate your business, both in the eyes of your customers and in terms of productivity. Let’s have a quick look at the best things you can do in order to give your business a seasonal boost.


Do some actual spring cleaning


Come on, when was the last time your office carpet was washed? There are problems areas behind computers and printers that haven’t been vacuumed in months, so there’s no doubt that the carpet itself is going to be very dirty indeed. After all, you have several employees a day coming in and walking around in the same footwear they had outside. Consider using a weekend or a holiday to get the carpet washed and get the air freshened. Throw in a few plants while you’re at it. This can do wonders for the satisfaction of your employees.


Shake up your staff


This can do the opposite of wonders for the satisfaction of your employees, especially if you take it to mean that you have to let people go. This isn’t necessarily the case, but it may be time to give some careful consideration to what roles are being filled at your company and whether enough is being done. Before hiring more people, consider if current employees are fulfilling the potential you saw in them when you hired them. Perhaps a redistribution of responsibilities should be considered or even increased training in new areas to further develop valuable skills.

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Update your website


Your website hasn’t really changed much in a few years. You may not think this matters all that much, but consider the websites you’ve been frequenting over the past few years. How many times have you seen design reshuffles and content changes? It happens a lot because it keeps users engaged, helps make development easier for the staff, and brings new business to the table. A new website design can see a boost in your business that you might not have expected. And if you haven’t been focussing that much on your fresh content delivery strategy, then now is the time to do it.



Reassess your mission
A lot of businesses don’t really reassess their mission after having gotten some success. The company has grown, profits have increased, they’re getting new customers… so why reassess the mission? Answer: because success usually changes the business in ways you may not have expected. Now that you’ve made some profit, what do you want to do with it? Does your mission dictate that you simply invest it all back into the business? Or could your success be used to propel new goals? Since you first outlined your mission, a lot will have changed in both your business and in the industry at large. Make sure your current trajectory reflects that.

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