Tools To Boost Business Efficiency

When it comes to our business, it pays, quite literally, to be as productive as we can be. However, that’s not always so easy, with the many menial daily tasks that need to be taken care of and human inefficiency never too far away. There’s also the matter of procrastination to be taken care of – how is it possible to be efficient when there are so many entertaining things waiting to distract you? Luckily, it’s technology to the rescue once again. Here are five tools to add to your office that’ll get you back to your productive best.


In The Clouds


It’s not always a matter of individual work; sometimes it’s about teams not being able to collaborate as efficiently as they need to in order to deliver their best work. While it’s just as important to set up the tools and frameworks that allow team members to talk with one another, you might find that investing in cloud storage is helpful. This will allow each team member access to all the important documents – and from wherever they are, too. If they have an internet connection, they can access them.


Those Repetitive Tasks


Sometimes, it’s not about how much hard work you put in – you still won’t be as effective as you can be. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the repetitive tasks that need to be taken care of day in, day out. For one thing, performing the same task often leads to humans going on autopilot mode – and making errors at the same time. If you’re making spreadsheets each day, teach yourself – and your staff – how to use Marcos in Excel and you’ll improve the accuracy of your data. You’ll also free up time that you can use elsewhere, too!


Keyboard Shortcuts


Did you know that there’s probably a whole host of keyboard shortcuts that you’re probably not using? Whether you’re on an Apple, Windows, or Chromebook computer, take a look at the keyboard shortcuts (and try your best to memorize them!) and you’ll be an efficiency pro. There’s much more to know that just the staple Ctrl C and Ctrl V!


Time for Two Screens


We use one screen because we think that’s all we should be using, but actually – two screens could be much more effective for your needs, especially if you’re constantly flicking through two different pages as part of your job. With two screens, you’ll have them both right there and you’ll be able to get “in the zone” much easier.


Track Your Time

You might think you worked for 8 hours today, but when it really comes down to it, how many hours did you really work? Most people vastly overrate how many hours they put in. If you use time tracking software to keep tabs on your day, you’ll soon find out how many hours you’re wasting doing trivial, non-important tasks. Taking a look at exactly where you’re putting your time and energy is the first step to ensuring that you’re putting them to good use.

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