Trucking Business: Being Green Is The Key To Making Green

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With the world now dominated by Millennials, the buzzword of our generation is eco-friendliness, and rightly so. After all; no world, no work. Unfortunately, while we all know how important it is to be more environmentally conscious, in some industries it is harder to practice being green than it is in others. This is certainly the case when it comes to the trucking industry.

There are a ton of reasons why any entrepreneur would want to get into this game, not least of all the profits that can be made. However, your ability to go green in this realm will have as much of an impact on your success as learning how to hustle. On the one hand, you will be able to brand yourself in such a way that will attract customers who understand the power green marketing has, while on the other hand, you will enjoy increased efficiency and lower overheads.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to run a more environmentally-friendly trucking business:

Choosing Your Trucks

This is as important a part of your business as anything, and so we recommend you choose your trucks with green in mind. The good news is, there are plenty of options out there nowadays thanks to the eco-revolution. Hybrids are the big thing at the moment, such as the new Volvo FE, which combines electric powered batteries with regular gas. The great thing about going down this route is the miles per gallon you will enjoy as a business. The other big option worth considering is trucks that use alternative fuels, those that don’t contain any carcinogen.


Getting Excellent Equipment

The market is becoming more and more saturated with equipment designed at improving your carbon footprint. One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment on this front is the truck wash bay systems you can get, which will not only aid your branding, but they vastly improve your water recycling abilities. This means less wasted water, which means a happier world and a happier bank balance. Other bits of equipment worth exploring include aerodynamic panels that you can install to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency, which can also be aided by going with a single wide-base tire.


Driving Behavior Is Big

Every truck driver out there has the ability to save the planet and save you a small fortune by driving in the correct manner. In fact, this is an area where you can become up to 10% more efficient in terms of fuel economy. Things like driving at 60mph instead of 70mph will use 26% less fuel. 10% can be saved by shifting gears as early as possible when accelerating while avoiding fast acceleration and sudden braking can have a big impact too. The other big one is reducing the engine’s idle time, especially when it comes to sleeping in the cab.


Regular Servicing A Must

It is so important that you have a well-maintained fleet, and that means having a strict maintenance schedule to keep to. This will not only help your vehicles last longer, it will also ensure that they run at their optimum. So check the engine, clean them regularly, make sure the correct tire pressure is upheld, and double-check the tonneau cover is correctly fastened. All of these will improve your fuel efficiency, which is the aim of the game for a profitable and green trucking business.

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