Unproductive Environment


Being a small business owner is at times stressful and chaotic. The stresses of trying to operate a successful business can become even more difficult when working within an unproductive environment. An unproductive environment can be attributed to an unfocused working atmosphere or an unruly employee(s); both of which can lead to damaging consequences being leveled against a business owner’s business and his or her employees.
The environment that is consistent within a business reflects through the work being produced from that business. Workers who are timid due to uncertainty within the workplace are more inclined to slack off and veer from the stated direction of the business. Add a dysfunctional employee into the mixture and you have on your hands the beginning of a Civil War. That last statement is a bit exaggerated but things can quickly escalate to hysteria when there is not a collective sense of harmony within the business’s confines.

The best measure for protection against an internal threat is to be attentive and proactive. As the leader of the business you should create a mandated standard to be followed within the workplace. This does not mean be a dictator but instead establish a mandate that creates a desire to elevate ones current position. Create an atmosphere of hard work and sustainability that transcends consistently and not only when needed to diffuse confusion. If there is an employee who does not want to adhere to the policies of the work place then address that person privately away from an audience. A disgruntled employee is usually looking for attention, so do not admonish them by putting on a show in front of the entire staff. Diffuse the situation by reminding them about what their purpose is within the business and how it translates to the overall vision of the business. If distractions continue to persist, quietly dismiss that person of their duties and move forward. It is not your responsibility to provide a safe haven for a person who lacks any type of respect for you, your business and their fellow employees.

Being a small business owner is already stressful enough when being held responsible for the individuals who are under your guidance. While trying to ensure the business is successful and everyone is completing their assigned duties, worrying about another’s misguided actions within your business is the last thing you need. The success of your business can be halted by the actions of one person and can be damaging to everyone within the organization. Do not allow someone’s disruptive behavior to be the failure of your business and destroy the hard work you and your employees built. You owe it to your clients, employees and yourself to ensure that any liability to your organization is resolved quickly in order to move forward in the right direction.

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