How to Use Your Law Degree to Succeed as an Entrepeneur

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Much has been said about successful entrepreneurship. It’s a lot of talk about the qualities of a business owner, a set of characteristics if you will – yet, it seems like something most of us could do if we only had enough money and sufficient strength of will to make it happen.


The truth is that certain degrees can toss you a couple of steps ahead of the rest, arming you with the necessary skills and competence before you even knew where the road was heading. We’re talking law school, of course, and here is how you can make excellent use of your education even though you’re not going to be a lawyer

Do you think as a lawyer or as an entrepreneur?


It’s not that many who decides to kick their law degree to the curb and embark on the exciting path of being your own boss. The small group who has done it though, tend to explain that they were drawn to risks that their fellow law students would shy away from; where lawyers are bound by regulations and discipline, someone who founds a startup is less likely to feel uncomfortable with the amount of risk they’re taking.


This is not to say that no lawyers are risk takers and that all entrepreneurs love a good thrill; you’re just more likely to find a certain set of people in the different groups, that’s all.


The times are changing, by the way, and spending several years of your young life to study for a degree you’re going to spend even more years on paying back is maybe not that safe as people think. Maybe law students are risk takers after all?


If you’re currently in law school and have found a taste for the entrepreneurial spirit, it’s a good idea to combine your law studies with a degree in this field as well. It’s not necessary to succeed as a business owner, obviously, but it will boost your competence and make it easier to get passed those few first years of turbulence.


Try different paths early on


You might not be in law school anymore but if you are, make use of this time to try a lot of different alternatives – especially if you’re starting to doubt that you’d enjoy practicing law as a full-time job. Even if you’ve already graduated and are struggling with a mountain of debt, looking into areas where you can easily find a job by using your degree is going to make your life a lot easier.


When you’re thinking about starting your own practice, get some work experience by working with a solo attorney. Use your law knowledge in the gas and petroleum industry by reading up on what it takes to be a Permian Basin landman – or seek out work experience with a judge if you’d like to be a litigator. The list goes on, and your options are basically endless as long as you’re able to think outside of the regular law box.


A law degree weighs heavy on a resume and will undoubtedly give you credibility, no matter what field you’re looking towards. The skills and discipline you were taught in school will only send you further up the career ladder – and boost your chances to succeed in your chosen field.

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