Want Maximum Efficiency? Start With Your Office!

If your home is your castle, then your business’s headquarters is surely your fort. When you first start out building your startup, official business premises is probably seen as a bit of an unnecessary expense. After all, if you can work from your bedroom at home and therefore avoid the huge rental cost that commercial property can incur, surely that’s better for the business, right? Well, yes – at first anyway. There’s no point shelling out on an expensive business property when you haven’t even turned a profit of your own yet, and if you do need to get out of the house, you can always work from cafes or at your local library. However, when your company starts to expand a little and when you start to hire staff, that is when things get a little tricky. Anyone can see that it’s pretty impractical to expect all your staff to crowd around one laptop in an internet cafe, or to expect them to come and work at your home. As well as it giving off a more professional image, having a designated workspace can improve productivity in your team and generally enables you to work better together. So, what are the essential components of an excellent office space? Have a read below.

Good heating and cooling systems

Employee comfort should be fairly high up on your list of priorities. Being overly hot or cold can easily distract your colleagues from their work and overall makes for a pretty aversive working environment. There’s nothing worse than having to wear gloves in the office in winter because it’s that cold, so why not look into Borehole Drilling as a means to heating your office? On the opposite end of the scale, make sure all your windows open properly in the workspace and if you get hot summers where you are based, install a good quality air conditioning unit.

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A kitchen and ‘downtime’ area

Like any good boss should, you should make a point of encouraging your employees to take lunch breaks and to leave the office to stretch their legs in the middle of the day. However, the harsh truth is that many workers are reluctant to do so for a number of reasons, and would prefer to stay inside on their break or even work through the whole day. Studies show that employees are more productive if they take a break from their work in the middle of the day, so provide a kitchen and a staff room area where they can spend half an hour away from their desk.

Conveniently placed toilets

Having just one toilet between twenty employees spells disaster. Restrooms are a very basic facility, but many offices do not prioritize them, either in the sense that there are not enough of them or that they are situated ages away from the actual office. Make sure you have both male and female toilet options – plus, you may also want to look into gender neutral toilets if that is something you feel would benefit your staff.

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