Wealth in the United States Infographic

Wealth and the inequality associated with it in the United States is a very touchy subject when discussed with main street America. Who is main street America? Main street America are those who are considered a part of the “middle class” and those who are considered poor. The rest are considered the wealthy or the 1%. The divide between the two social classes are quite alarming and it seems to only keep widening as the years pass by. Noticed I said the two social classes. This is because the distinction between the middle class and poor is increasingly becoming blurred and only seems to be a short while before there is only the wealthy and the poor. Side note: This is a topic I have discussed in further detail years earlier in a post entitled; The Coming Divide: Where Do You Fall Along the Line.

When you think about wealth and your positioning on its ladder, does it make you happy or angry? We all want to be wealthy or experience the feeling of being wealthy but it can seem impossible to be realized when the gap seems so enormous. That is if you believe that your life is made with constraints and you don’t control your own destiny…

Take a look at the infograph provided by www.infographicworld.com, that illustrates this particular topic with statistics. And do not let this infograph bring about a pessimistic outlook on your own life because that will only keep you held in a state of anger and frustration. Instead take it as motivation to change your own financial standing and create your own systems of economic generation.

wealth infograph

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