What Are Your Customers Saying?

As business owners, we sometimes seem to overlook the happenings within the environment around us. While trying to tune up our businesses, attract consumers to our businesses and oversee virtually every aspect of our businesses; things can become pretty chaotic and unorganized. We do as much as we can to make our businesses attractive and competitive but at the same time may be harming our businesses in the process. When moving and thinking so frantically and fast-paced, are our customers truly showed the attention they deserve? What exactly are your customers saying about your business?

If you step back and examine the experience provided to your customers would you be happy with what you see? If you could listen in on the conversations your customers have about your business would you be happy with what you hear? Many of us would be disheartened with what we learn during this observational process. I am pretty sure a good many of us would discover that our customers are dissatisfied with their experience as paying consumers. Maybe they are not receiving the promises and guarantees your business marketed so aggressively and passionately. Your business may have provided excellent customer service in the beginning of the relationship but have since failed to deliver the same quality and risk losing customers as a consequence. It is definitely not a good thing to be out of touch with your customers when they provide the support to keep your business alive.

It is important to be in sync with your customers or else risk the harm of losing them. Do not get too confident in the belief that satisfaction is being generated highly amongst your customers because there is always room for improvement. Also it should be known that one disgruntled customer can spread that same sentiment to a few and a few can eventually grow into a substantial amount. Do not let the daily routines of business sidetrack you from producing quality products and administering exceptional service. The power of the consumer is too strong within the marketplace for their needs and expectations to be ignored.

I believe these 3 steps will help to ensure that your customers speak positively about your business rather than negatively.

1)      Observe: Take a step back and examine how your customers interact with your business. Are they receiving the best customer service possible? If not you have the opportunity to readjust your focus before serious damage is done to your customer relationships. Analyze were the problems exist and identify how to correct those areas which are lacking excellence.

2)      Communicate: It is important to find out exactly how your customers feel about your business. Through open dialogue you begin to enhance your customers’ experience by making their needs a priority. When the consumer feels valued they reward the recognition through consistent or increased consumption. Use this process as an opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships and discover exactly how to make your customers happy.

3)      Administer: As you observe, analyze and communicate; it is now time to implement the necessary changes. Make exceptional customer service a priority and an experience rather than a required task. Engagement with your customers should become a mission to exceed expectations and make your customers devout consumers. Remember customer service is more than talking about it; it is doing and living by it. Make your customers’ happiness an integral part of your business operations.

What are your customers saying about your business? Find out in order to know exactly how your business is perceived within the marketplace. Do not make the mistake of doing business blind and deaf because at the end of the day your customers are vital to your existence and success not the other way around.

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