What is Entrepreneurial Thinking?


Lately you might be hearing the terms “entrepreneurial mindset” and “think like an entrepreneur” being used a lot. Viewing things within an entrepreneur lens and operating like an entrepreneur has become the latest trend or better yet the latest business philosophy. This way of thinking and doing things is now being identified as the best way to produce innovative ideas and to help towards developing a vibrant job market. But what many people want to know is; “what is entrepreneurial thinking and how do I acquire it?”

Entrepreneurial thinking is the ability to view the world and your surroundings as a marketplace and in turn developing the necessary actions to exploit opportunities that present themselves. Entrepreneurial thinking involves looking beyond the current and visualizing what the future can bring with yours and others collective initiatives. The problem with entrepreneurial thinking though is that most of us were not taught to think in this sort of way. Since elementary school and probably earlier, we were taught to conform to authority and the status quo. This inhibits many of us from moving beyond our comfort with rules and guidelines making us fearful to pursue our own path that differs from what is expected. So now with the emergence of how important entrepreneurial thinking is, people are left somewhat clueless as how to pursue this entrepreneurial mindset which is becoming the newly accepted concept for business success and advancement in life.

Let’s first start off by recognizing that the US economy was built from entrepreneurial endeavors. This means entrepreneurship has been a centerpiece of the American workforce for quite some time but its importance was steadily reduced over time. Once big corporations started creating a significant amount of jobs in the job market, people naturally wanted to be apart of the expanding growth and financial opportunities. The problem that has been produced though is the inability to think independently and create opportunities from one’s own efforts. So as the ability to innovate and think creatively stifles the ability to grow and prosper stiffens along with it. The economic experts and business professionals have recognized this ongoing decline and so here we now have the push for a renewed focus on entrepreneurial thinking. The issue at hand though is how to teach people entrepreneurial thinking effectively and in a timely manner so we will not witness a future even more miserable than our present.

To acquire entrepreneurial thinking you have to think beyond yourself and instead analyze the environment around you. Why you ask? Because entrepreneurs solve problems for others and create products and services that serves other’s interest. Sounds simple enough right but this is the problem. People have been programmed to follow in the footsteps of others rather than lead by their own steps so it is a struggle for a majority of people to understand how to manage a mere idea into actual existence. (This problem even occurs for those who live and breathe entrepreneurship) This is what entrepreneurial thinking is though; seeing what could be and doing what it takes to make it happen. With that explanation you should be beginning to understand exactly what entrepreneurial thinking is and how to begin applying it to your own life.

Entrepreneurship is straightforward but at the same time very complex. Thinking in the entrepreneurial mindset can also be quite challenging because you now have to start piecing together things before they occur in order to stay ahead of the curve. I will go into further detail explaining entrepreneurial thinking with a series of post and demonstrate how to effectively operate within the mindset of an entrepreneur. In the mean time begin to analyze how the world around you is changing and identify how these changes can be openings for new opportunities to be explored.


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