When is it My Turn?

my turn
Are you struggling as an entrepreneur or just getting by?
Are you constantly asking yourself, “When will it be my turn?”
Your turn for what exactly?
Your turn to have a vibrant, growing business. Your turn to experience financial prosperity. Your turn to be the “man” or “woman”.

We want to be wildly successful as entrepreneurs but the hard part is being patient during the process of developing our business. They say patience is a virtue but it is hard to be patient when you are dealing with an ambiguous situation such as entrepreneurship. Things can go either way. You can be wildly successful, doing just fine and getting by or doing bad and close to the edge of failure. Anxiety develops due to the fact that you do not know where you will land along this journey. One thing to remember though is that where you are at currently does not determine what your future has in store for you.

Still though, we all want to know when, if ever we can get our turn. Instead of waiting to have your turn you have to just demand and take your turn on your own terms…

A. Work Smarter Not Harder. Have you ever heard the quote, “there is no substitute for hard work?” I am pretty sure you have but guess what? Sometimes working too hard can produce nothing but futile efforts. How so? Because you are blindly pounding away trying to produce results and most likely aligning valuable time and resources with the wrong components. In order to work smarter and not harder you have to know where you are going and how you will get there. That means you have a well thought out strategy. A strategy allows you to pinpoint each destination along your journey, revise when things go awry and keep it moving forward towards the predetermined destination. Entrepreneurship is already hard enough, so don’t make it more difficult by aimlessly going in circles by having no focused game plan.

B. Seek Mentorship. Do you know why they say older people are usually filled with wisdom? Because wisdom is related to having knowledge gained by the experience of living life. For you that means an individual who has been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is a very valuable resource. Mentors serve as a pipeline of great advice, insight and guidance on how to direct your entrepreneurial pursuits. They do not necessarily give you the answers to make it easier for you but rather let you know what they learned from their own experiences. This helps you think beyond the madness that encompasses your mind as a busy entrepreneur. Instead of continually moving at a speed that makes you lose sight of what is actually occurring; your mentor helps to make sure you are aware of how your actions today affect your position tomorrow. You do not have all the answers. Yes you are your own boss but even the greatest leaders had those who they sought after for counsel and wisdom.

C. Remain Thinking Forward.
The hardest thing I think there is about being an entrepreneur is being patient when your reality doesn’t match your dreams. You have to learn how to remember that entrepreneurship is a process. Overnight success is the biggest myth fed to people. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs of today faced many failures and frustrating situations before catching hold of success. That only happened because they were focused on what the future had in store for them and in turn used the downfalls of their current situation to fuel them forward. It’s hard to remain steadfast when things seem bleak but the willingness to do so sometimes tends to increase the reward for your patience. Even I get frustrated and wonder why I continue to do this thing called entrepreneurship but the success I envision for myself outweighs the lows I experience and keeps me moving forward.

Waiting for your turn can seem long and excruciating but that is just the process of entrepreneurship. The best thing to do in order to receive your long-awaited turn is to go after it with a well calculated game plan. Use the advice provided to you from this post and add your own steps in order to produce your highly anticipated turn.

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