Why Apple’s iPhone 5 Set a Sales Record

2 million pre-orders in 24 hours is what Apple recorded for the long-awaited arrival of its much-anticipated iPhone 5. That is double the amount of pre-order sales recorded last year for the iPhone 4. Insane right? During these trying economic times it speaks volumes about what can be accomplished with the right formula in your possession. Apple seems to have found the right formula when it comes to the products it provides and the messages of innovation that go hand in hand with their production. Apple’s two main attractions; the iPhone and iPad always seem to produce hyper anticipation but why is this so? Simply put they understand the needs and wants of their market?

Lets further analyze how their understanding correlates into a winning strategy.

1) Apple Tells the Consumers What They Need. Apple saw what was being offered in the marketplace and sought to disrupt the environment. They told consumers they had something better in development for them that had never been seen before (iPod). Apple boldly stated that what they had to offer is exactly what the consumers must have in their possession. They made it seem as if they were way ahead of the rest of civilization and in order to catch up you had to buy into their program. Their confidence soon spread to the marketplace and became anticipation as to what was to come next. Once the company grabbed the marketplace attention they never let go and kept applying the pressure in order to keep control firmly within their grasp.

2) Produced Products That Altered Previous Interaction. Who still has a Blackberry or better yet who remembers Blackberry? Barely anyone and that says a lot for a device that once dominated the smart phone marketplace. Who thought it would be possible to have a mobile computer smaller than the laptop? Speaking realistically probably not a majority of the iPad users today. Apple made it possible though and seemingly altered the way we consume information and socialize within the world today. The iPhone is a handheld computer which has phone capabilities and the iPad is just a larger version of the iPhone without phone capabilities. But Apple got people hooked on their products once the iPod was introduced by disrupting previous beliefs in what could be produced for use within the marketplace. * I mean do we really have to discuss how instrumental the iPod was in transforming the music industry which was slow in accepting the change of  direction in which music was being consumed.* This is what happens when you become a market disruptor; you become a leader who can sway public perception in your favor. And as we see Apple is a master at doing just that.

3) Highlighted the Benefits and Value of Their Offering. The iPod, iPhone and iPad were not only new products ; they also positively enhanced the consumer’s lives. Remember what a dull world it was without these creations? Now you cannot get enough of these products. Apple knows this and makes sure that you remember what they have brought into your life. If you go to the Apple site right now the front page is solely dedicated to showcasing how much better the iPhone 5 is compared to its predecessor. Apple perceives itself so highly that it demonstrates that it is competing with itself to get better and there is barely any mention of the competition. That in of itself strengthens the perceived value of Apple products. Instead of trying to outdo the competition their entire focus is on enhancing the consumer’s experience. That is why Apple makes sure to be very descriptive when describing the new features its updated models are equipped with. It is an effort to show you that they are hard at work to make sure you get your money’s worth and the assurance that you deserve the highest quality possible.

4) Make Subtle Changes Seem Enormous. When Apple holds keynotes people intently tune in to see what is being said. And guess what? What is being said is just slightly different from what was previously stated before. Apple has mastered the art of presentation and communication. They can make the smallest changes seem so important. Apple was able to program it into its consumers minds that when they bring something new or updated to the table it means that it is something worthwhile. I mean really what is the significance of difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. Nothing major but consumers enjoy the value associated with the overall iPhone phenomenon so they crave the latest developments that come along with it. And when you are selling 2 million preorders in 24 hours you are obviously doing something right.

Apple has perfected the mystique of anticipation. When consumers get a whiff of a new Apple development their minds begin to wonder as to what can possibly come next. The company understands how to create hyped buzz and execute upon that buzz by meeting or sometimes exceeding expectations. Apple has become a marketing and innovative powerhouse that has strong momentum behind it that will be very hard to stop for many years to come. So all you Apple users enjoy the ride and look forward to what the company has awaiting for your enjoyment.

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