Why Can’t Entrepreneurs Sleep at Night… Thoughts of Success

Last night was a restless night. I could not sleep at all even though I needed to and wanted to. My body was tired but my mind was active and busy with many thoughts. No, not thoughts of anxiety like my previous blog post. These were thoughts of how am I going to achieve success with everything I am currently developing.

What was going through my head:

• How do I make the first Entrepreneurial Ambition’s Meetup group successful? Where will the group’s first meeting be located? What will be discussed? What will be the goals for the group? How do I make this group spread beyond Atlanta, to become a worldwide movement?

• What articles do I send to other major websites and what do I keep for Entrepreneurial Ambitions? How do I enhance my writing in order to attract a worldwide following? How do I keep up the momentum when more people begin to follow Entrepreneurial Ambitions, wanting more and more content?

• How will I transition The Symmetry Firm into an international company recognized for producing successful business strategies? How will I balance the growth of Yura Bryant the brand, Entrepreneurial Ambitions the movement and The Symmetry Firm the business?

These were just a few things among the many which were racing through my head as I laid in the bed consumed with thoughts. As I was thinking, I kept pulling out my Ipad, writing down different thoughts and blog topics. The hunger for success and how I will produce it was eating away at me. The desire for it was burning in my mind.

What am I going to do to make these many opportunities I have in front of me become successful?

I know you experience the same feverish thought process too, when thinking about your own entrepreneurial pursuits towards success. As entrepreneurs, the thoughts of success are what drive us to do the not average things that we do. We take on challenges and assume risk in order to secure the freedom of actually living life on our own terms. The need for success is a constant hunger within us that must be fed.

When we wake up, success is on our mind.
When we meet with a potential client, success is on our mind.
When we take a short break from working, success is on our mind.
When we try to sleep at night but cannot, it is because success is on our mind.

After reading this, think about the goals you have for yourself, which are constantly in your head to be achieved. How will they be accomplished and within what timeframe? Do the actions you produce align with the desires burning in your mind?

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