Why Do People Believe Entrepreneurship is Easy?

I am not one of those people who says you must go through extreme hardships in order to be considered an entrepreneur. And I am also not one of those people who believes that everyone should be an entrepreneur or can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not some job with set hours and set requirements outlined for you to perform. Entrepreneurship is an ongoing process of actions that you have to continuously develop and properly structure in order to produce the most rewarding output for your efforts.

Ongoing process of actions is that phrase of words which you must highlight when thinking about entrepreneurship. At a job, your role serves a specific purpose already outlined by your superiors, which is a mandate of what is expected of you in order to remain employed with their corporation. As an entrepreneur, your role is to develop the effective process of actions which help you gain market share in order to sustain your business. How many people do you know who actually have the discipline and focus to accomplish such a feat? Very few most likely, but still many people fall in love with the idea of being their “own boss” and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The reason this occurs is because many people only see the results of success without knowing the full journey a person had to endure in order to produce their state of success. Seeing the results of success makes people fantasize about possessing it themselves; negating the fact that a dedicated effort of tireless hard work goes into making success a reality. You don’t just wake up one day and say that you are an entrepreneur and then immediately become successful after stating the claim. It just doesn’t work like that.

I believe entrepreneurship is pretty straightforward, you find a need and provide products/ services. The hard part is the complexity that can happen when working on turning the idea and opportunity into a successful business. One of the key reasons for this is due to the fact that many people today think short-term and want instant gratification for anything that they do. In entrepreneurship, you have to think in the long-term and entitlement behavior will lead you to giving up once you realize your business is not going to be an immediate success. Once the easiness of the idea becomes the hard process of developing a business, many people lose their initial enthusiasm.

I am not the one to scare you away from being an entrepreneur but I want to present the reality of entrepreneurship, instead of having you believe in some make-believe fantasy.

• Are you willing to work 12+ hours every day, including weekends?
• Are you willing to accept the fact that being paid every two weeks is highly unlikely?
• Are you willing to become comfortable with being uncomfortable?
• Are you willing to make personal sacrifices in order to sustain your business?

I love being an entrepreneur but this is because I am passionate about what I do and because I love taking risks when the possibility of great rewards exist. By no means is this easy but I hate a boring, predictable life. I need to be challenged in order to know that I have more improvement and growth to experience. You might be pursuing entrepreneurship because you see the successful lifestyle that can be produced from being an entrepreneur. But if you don’t love the process that goes into becoming a successful entrepreneur, then you will not last long within entrepreneurship. This I guarantee!

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