Why Entrepreneurs Must Love the Hustle

HUSTLE. The word “sophisticated” business people hate to use and be associated with. The word hustle has a negative connotation attached to it for many people who operate a business but it is a word I love.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, startup founder; you are most definitely hustling. You are not just operating passively because doing so would most certainly jeopardize your ability to be successful. You have to be aggressive/ assertive everyday while building your business. Just because opportunity is available, it doesn’t mean it will just be handed to you.

The entrepreneur who succeeds is the one who enjoys being on the hunt. When your paycheck is not guaranteed, you have to constantly be on the prowl for your next source of revenue. That is why hustle is so important in entrepreneurship.

Just watch a show like SharkTank to understand why. One of the key questions asked to entrepreneurs seeking investors is, “How much money are you making?” This is followed by asking how many years has the business been in operation. If it is a business that has been operating for years while not making consistent money (showing growth), that business will most certainly be turned down.

Do you know why?

It is because that entrepreneur didn’t know how to hustle.

It is because that entrepreneur didn’t know how to market nor sale.

It is because that entrepreneur didn’t even have a real business.

Entrepreneurship is all about Risks and Rewards. You have to be able to risk it all and hustle your ass off in order to secure the rewards for your persistent efforts.

Sometimes I work 12+ hour days and no, this is just not busy work to make myself appear busy. I am actually hustling!

I am writing content.

I am writing content for others.

I am creating leads.

I am closing deals.

I am creating presentations.

I am producing curriculum.

I am working on my e-books.

I am working on my workshops and seminars.

I am always hustling to bring in revenue, while increasing profits.

I do all this because I love the hustle of entrepreneurship. I don’t hustle for comfort or to be noticed. I hustle for freedom! True freedom that will only be produced from my persistent hustle.

Your entrepreneur success won’t be handed to you. You have to work your ass off for it by hustling hard. Enjoy the hustle and love the hustle because it is what enables you to build a successful business.

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