Why You Do Not Want a NFL Ref Lockout Situation

To put it plain and simple the replacement refs covering the NFL games are pretty much horrific, a complete embarrassment to the organization. Currently the NFL is in a lockout situation with the veteran refs who have years of experience covering NFL games and also have years of knowledge when it comes to rules and game play. The refs in place have no such experience or knowledge and it really shows when you are forced to watch these horribly called games. It is as if every week it gets worse and worse, leaving you puzzled in amazement as to how this debacle can continue to go on. Blatant calls that any fan can make seem to be blind to these replacements and this is even with them having the luxury of replay review. It seems like the refs want to outdo themselves on how much more inefficient and dumbfounded they can become. The whole occurring fiasco is a major distraction for the NFL and just continuous to further piss off fans, players and coaches.

This NFL situation is a perfect example of how not to run your business organization. When you bring in less than qualified talent you create an atmosphere filled with sub par performance that eventually leads to dysfunction in high pressured situations. For the most part sub par people cannot function properly in challenging situations that require specialized skill sets. People with specialized skill sets know what is expected of them and know how to handle the environment they are performing in, no matter how difficult their surroundings may become. If you fill your organization with individuals such as these replacement refs though; you can expect to deal with the same embarrassing results when such people are expected to perform while representing your organization.

In order to not be subjected to the embarrassing situation the NFL is currently facing follow these 2 simple guidelines.

1) Pay for Experience. You need to have a balance of inexperienced ambition and veteran experience within a business organization. Experience usually does come at a premium but that experience helps to groom the ambition of the eager, less experienced. Experience also helps to leave your mind somewhat at ease since you do not have to constantly make sure that an individual is doing their job properly. When everyone is in balance and performing efficiently the organization usually excels and prospers. Experienced individuals know how the industry operates and therefore know how to play their position in order to satisfy the bigger picture. If you need further verification of this truth just look at the ending controversy in Monday’s night game between the Packers and Seahawks. It perfectly illustrates why inexperience in high pressure moments creates disastrous outcomes.

2) Respect Your Organization. You should have enough respect for your organization to compete with the best of the best. By this I mean you should hold your organization in high regards and operate and perform with such an attitude. When your organization is filled with lackluster individuals and is characterized by underwhelming performances the organization’s credibility suffers as a whole. This equates to a diminished reputation which means there will be difficulty in gaining respect and attracting positive interaction. The difference between respectable organizations and insignificant organizations is each organization’s determination or lack thereof to be competitive in their respective industries rather than merely existing and taking up space.

The NFL is America’s most cherished form of sports entertainment but it has to be remembered that it is a business. Right now it is a business performing badly due to unqualified game managers. And when your managers cannot properly manage their environment chaos ensues. For the love of your organization and reputation please do not follow in the footsteps of this organization that is destroying their well-built brand week after week due to sub par talent being in important positions that effect everyone as a whole.

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