You Call That Customer Service? Really???

This week I had the displeasure of witnessing a business owner have a full-blown argument with a client. The client was upset because the business did not follow procedure from previous years and voiced their opinion about the following occurrence. The client also mentioned their personal situation and how the business did not correctly satisfy their issue brought in to be solved. The business owner in turn became frustrated when the client would not accept their reply and injected strongly with their own personal situation and basically dismissed the client’s feelings. The client reacted angrily and could not believe after years of being a loyal customer they were being treated so coldly and as if their situation meant nothing to the business owner. Even as the employees of the business tried to apologize for the owner’s actions it was clear that the damage was already seriously done.

What this business owner failed to realize was that their mission statement clearly stated, “We work tirelessly to exceed our client’s expectations.” A mission they must have forgotten or just did not choose to really operate by. This business owner has the reputation of talking a good game and coming off as likeable and professional but does a complete 360 once services are paid for. People usually complain that once they pay this particular business owner this person becomes hard to get in touch with and provides service in a slow, unprofessional manner. Even with constant talks from within their organization for the owner to do better, they fail to deliver as they promise. It is an ever going cycle that stalls the business’s progress in the right direction and may possibly cause its eventual demise. The owner does not see it like this though but rather talks of growing bigger and achieving greater success, but how? It is as if they are seriously delusional about their work ethic and how they poorly treat the client base that supports their business.

3 Reasons not to operate like this owner.

1.  Word of Mouth: Bad service spreads quicker than good service. In today’s world communication is constant and instant. Communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can reach millions of viewers and have often been used by disgruntled customers to voice their frustrations. You piss a customer off and they are quick to let their family and friends know and also broadcast it to the world. In turn good service does get reported but has to be consistently reported in order to catch on and be looked into. Bad service though, pushed through word of mouth, spreads like wild-fire that is very hard to extinguish. It is simple; if you do not want this to occur to your business do the job you promised. It is not hard.

2.  Your Business and Brand Suffers (SIGNIFICANTLY). This negative consequence all begins with your poor actions that produced the negative feedback. Once your business suffers from a bad perception it is hard to make it go away. Negative reviews and angry comments are posted about your business throughout the internet for the world to see. Disgruntled clients tell anyone who will listen not to do business with you because you are unreliable and could really give a damn about your customers. Now you have a complete mess on your hands that is incredibly hard to wash away but is all due to your own bad behavior. Take heed in what I say, “Value your customers or suffer from the backlash produced from their anger and disappointment.”

 3. Your Business has Very Strong Potential to Fail. If nobody is willing to do business with you how will you maintain and survive? It is unbelievable the level of poor service businesses today believe they can get away with and retain loyal customers with. If another business would value your patronage and deliver as promised, why stay with the arrogant business that operates poorly. Great customer service is so important in today’s world that it is pretty much mandatory. Without a doubt your business will fail when delivering poor customer service and I mean fail miserably. The phone will stop ringing, appointments will be canceled and no one will walk through the doors anymore. A pretty lonely demise all credited to your own doing.

Saying it bluntly: STOP THE BULLSHIT!!! It only goes so far and strongly rubs people the wrong way. Quit frustrating people with your inconsistent performance and do exactly as you were paid to do.     

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