You Don’t Want it! You are Just Talking!

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One of the most common things people whine and complain about is how successful they want to be. They see well off or wealthy people’s lives and either envy or want (possibly both) what they have because they perceive their status as an image of being successful. But what usually is the case though is that they are blowing more smoke than producing actual fire. You know why?

Because it is hard to be successful. It requires discipline, extreme focus and requires you to be above mediocre. MEDIOCRE, the word that holds so much significance in the world we live in today. For the most part the majority of people today are mediocre, a sad fact but a glaring truth. They operate upon mediocre actions which produce a mediocre life but surprisingly want successful results. If this isn’t ass backwards then I don’t know what is. It is safe to say people want something for nothing. Wealth in exchange for a mere idea with no foreseeable actions behind such thoughts. How can success be produced when you are just a talker who lives life on mediocre terms but with wild ambitious imagination?

It can’t but people actually have the audacity to believe success is acquired as easily as producing the thought of it. The problem that makes this persist is that mediocrity is accepted by the people around you and sometimes even praised. I read somewhere that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. That means mediocrity originates and feeds off of mediocrity. You see what successful people have but don’t know how to live that life because you know nothing about that life. I also have read you must integrate yourself with people who have the lifestyle and success you want in order to learn how to achieve it yourself.

We all know those people who are just nothing but talk and we shamefully may be guilty of it ourselves. How long can you continue to just talk though? Success waits on no one and eventually your potential to realize it will expire. If you are content with mediocrity though, stop speaking on success. You won’t get it by talking about it and you definitely won’t get it by existing in mediocrity…

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