Your Hustle Game is Weak!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, entrepreneurship consist of mastering the art of the hustle. Many people say they are on their hustle and grind but it is nothing but big talk. A true hustle speaks for itself and does not have to be verified through elaborate talk that aims to embellish your self-proclaimed persona. Hustling is not meant for everyone because it demands an intense focus and requires you to perform on a high level consistently. Many people hate working hard for 30 minutes so imagine working hard for days that turn into years. Can you do that? Are you willing to do that?

Your hustle game may be considered weak because it has no substance and/or goals that are strategically being work towards. People often confuse hustling with staying busy but most times staying busy leads you nowhere but in a circle. And as you know a circle just goes around, it has no opportunity to move in a progressive direction forward. I would call this hustling backwards. Meaning you have the intentions of moving beyond your current state but your actions do not support your intended purpose. When you are hustling you must have mandated goals in mind to reach and also develop the necessary steps to reach them. That is what makes hustling worthwhile; you are actually grinding hard at something that will eventually pay off if done right.

The reason for me writing this post is because I have seen some weak hustles that have no chance to be successful. Either the person is in a saturated competitive market and has no differentiation amongst themselves and their fellow competitors or they are just horrible at their hustling endeavors. Whatever the issue may be let me teach you how to hustle harder and smarter rather than absently and weak.

How to Make Your Hustle Stronger:

1. Define What You are Hustling Towards. A hustle absent of an anticipated destination leads to nowhere. For instance you may say you want to be successful and make money but how exactly will your actions get you to that status. Your hustle has to operate strategically and have goals in place that progressively move you forward. Hustling all over the place leads to confusion and unwise decisions that can produce situations that backfire and paralyze your intended conquest. Hustle smarter by knowing exactly what you want to achieve and by developing the necessary steps for it to be achieved. Running around doing a million things that do not positively progress over time is not a good hustle. You are only running in circles and operating backwards. Start moving your hustle in the right direction towards enjoyed success.

2. Observe Who Else’s Hustle is Similar. Now of days everybody is hustling due to the present economic situation. Some people may see the same opportunities you see and create the hustle that focuses on exploiting that opportunity. This is a very competitive world where everyone is in the race to survive and create something better for themselves. In order to make your hustle more efficient and competitive you have to be aware of your surroundings and what you are operating within. A blind hustle does not last long because you prohibit yourself from identifying who your competitors are, identifying what your consumers want and analyzing how the environment around you is changing. With people having a hustle similar to yours you have to be soundly knowledgeable of their movements and assess what challenges they pose to your own initiatives. Thus is all about survival of the fittest but your hunger for success cannot precede your ability to think wisely and strategically.

3. Differentiate & Enhance Your Hustle. When you are hustling one thing you cannot be is the same as the next person. We live in a saturated world where everything is replicated and used till completely drained dry. As a hustler you have to reinvent yourself and innovate your hustle in order to keep your consumers satisfied and consistently interactive with your offering. If someone is operating the same hustle as yours then you have to compete on a level that separates you from the rest and gives you distinction. Your hustle must exemplify your ability to produce a value not associated with another provider of the same offering. It is not merely about who is doing the most but more about who is effectively satisfying their consumers’ needs and wants, creating greater demand for their efforts.

4. Make Your Hustle Infectious. Take a look at Diddy and his whole persona. He is all about his hustle and invites people to partake in his multiple ventures whenever possible. Diddy makes people excited about his hustle by making it seem like they are also along for the ride with him. As a hustler you have to make people anxious about what your next move will be. The goal is to have people aspire to be like you and/or try to be attached to your movement. When people become interested in your hustling ambitions an image begins to develop that you are a go getter that knows how to make things happen. Your hustle must make people feel like they are a part of something great, something only a small percentage of people have the opportunity to be a part of.

In today’s world you must be a supreme hustler. The structure of yesterday is rapidly fading away and being replaced for those who can function in an independent manner. Learn how to hustle and do it well in order stay ahead or else become trapped in the challenges that will surely be heightened due to the breakdown in functional job creation and stability. Add muscle to your hustle and increase your chances of longevity and success.  

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